Regular Board Meeting Information

Location: Regular meetings will be held via teleconference. See meeting notices for teleconference information.
Day(s): July 9 and November 12, 2024
Time: 11:30 a.m.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Type
2024-05-23Special – District Nos. 1 & 3Agenda
2024-04-18Special – District Nos. 1 & 3Agenda
2024-04-11Special – District No. 2Agenda
2024-03-22Notice of QuorumNotice
2024-03-15Notice of Quorum (Cancelled)Notice
2024-03-05Special – District Nos. 1 & 3AgendaMinutes
2024-02-06Special – District Nos. 1 & 3AgendaMinutes
2023-11-16Special – District No. 2AgendaMinutes
2023-11-13Special – District Nos. 1 & 3AgendaMinutes
2023-11-13Annual – District Nos. 1 & 3Agenda
2023-10-24Special – District No. 1AgendaMinutes
2023-10-24Special – District No. 3Agenda
Notice of Special Meeting re Issuance of Debt
2023-09-27Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2023-09-13Working SessionAgenda
2023-07-26Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2023-04-04Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2022-10-13Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2022-07-29Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2022-05-12Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2021-10-13Budget HearingAgendaMinutes
2021-07-13Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2020-09-29Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2020-07-16Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2020-01-17Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2020-01-09Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2019-11-12Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2019-10-04Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2018-10-25Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2018-10-16Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2018-09-20Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2018-07-19Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
2018-03-08Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes